how to change the battery in an audi key

If you own an Audi, chances are you have a fancy key fob that lets you unlock the doors with the push of a button. Pretty cool, right? But what happens when that battery dies and you can’t get into your car anymore? Don’t panic! Replacing the battery is a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to change the battery in an Audi key fob. We’ll cover what type of battery to buy, how to open up the key fob, properly replace the battery, and reassemble everything so it works good as new. No sweat! With some basic tools and a fresh battery, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Steps to Change the Battery in an Audi Key Fob

What You’ll Need

  • Small Phillips head screwdriver
  • Small flathead screwdriver (optional)
  • Fresh CR2032 3V lithium coin cell battery

Opening the Key Fob

Audi keys are put together pretty tightly, so you’ll need some finesse to pop them open. Here’s how to crack open that puppy:

  1. Examine the key fob to locate the seam where the two halves join together. You should see a very fine seam line running along the edges.
  2. Wedge the flathead screwdriver (or a small knife) into the seam near the keyring hole. Just be gentle, you don’t wanna break anything!
  3. Twist the screwdriver a bit to separate the two halves. You’ll hear some snapping and popping as the internal tabs release.
  4. Once the seam is opened, continue working the screwdriver around the edges until the two halves come apart.

Be patient and careful during this process. Those plastic snaps will break easily if you force things too much. Take your time and the key should pop open with little fuss.

Removing the Old Battery

Now the fun part! Time to pluck out that dead battery and replace it with a fresh one.

  1. Locate the battery inside the key fob. It will look like a small coin cell battery, likely tucked under a metal clip.
  2. Use the Phillips screwdriver to release the metal battery clip. There will be a very small screw holding the clip in place.
  3. Remove the old battery from its slot. Note the positive and negative orientation so you can insert the new battery correctly.
  4. Optional: Use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to gently clean the battery compartment. This can help improve the electrical contact with the new battery.

And that’s all there is to it! The hardest part is over.

Inserting the New CR2032 Battery

You’re on the home stretch now! Just pop in a new CR2032 battery and reassemble the key.

  1. Place the new CR2032 battery into the battery slot with the correct positive/negative orientation. Make sure it is seated securely in place.
  2. Replace the metal battery clip and screw it back down with the Phillips screwdriver. This holds the battery firmly in place.
  3. Double check the orientation is correct and give the battery a little nudge to make sure it’s making good contact.
  4. Success! The new battery is installed and ready to go.

Closing Up the Key Fob

Almost done! We just need to snap the key fob back together:

  1. Align the two halves correctly so all the internal parts line up. The plastic nubs on one side will match the holes on the other.
  2. Once aligned, press the two halves firmly together until the snaps click back into place. Apply even pressure on both sides.
  3. Work your way around the entire key slowly, pressing and snapping as you go. Take your time here so everything fits together properly.
  4. When fully closed, the seam should be barely visible. Give it a quick test by pressing the unlock button. All good? Then you’re all set!

Testing and Using Your Repaired Key

Before heading out, do a quick test to make sure your handiwork was successful:

  • Press the unlock button and make sure the car responds and unlocks the doors.
  • Try starting the engine with the repaired key. All systems go? Good deal!
  • Test lock/unlock functions from various distances to ensure good remote response.

As long as your key fob is working properly again, you’re ready to hit the road! Just be aware:

  • The battery may need some time to reach full power capacity. Give it a day or two.
  • Closer is better when using a new battery. The range might be reduced at first.
  • Old batteries often leak corrosive chemicals. Check for any crusty build-up after removal.
  • Proper battery orientation is crucial. One backward install could short the system.
  • Dispose of lithium batteries properly. Many stores offer free recycling programs.

And there you have it — a fully functioning Audi key with fresh battery! Wasn’t so hard, was it? A little time and care is all it takes to get your key fob back up and running. Just be patient and follow our steps closely. You’ll be driving away with a repaired key and money still in your wallet. Let us know if you have any other car key questions!

FAQs about Changing an Audi Key Battery

Let’s review some common questions about changing the battery in an Audi smart key:

What kind of battery does an Audi key take?

Most Audi keys use a standard CR2032 lithium coin cell battery. Just pop down to the drug store or grocery store to pick one up!

Where is the battery located in an Audi key fob?

The battery is housed inside the plastic key fob itself. There will be a small screw that holds the metal battery clip in place. Carefully remove this and the battery will come loose.

Do I need to program the key fob after changing the battery?

Luckily, no! Once you insert the new battery, the key fob retains all of its programmed settings. No need to reprogram or reset anything.

How do I open the Audi key if it won’t separate?

Use a small flathead screwdriver to gently pry open the seam around the entire key. Take your time and be careful not to break the plastic. Wiggle the screwdriver bit-by-bit until it pops free.

Why does my Audi key drain batteries so quickly?

Frequent battery changes usually indicate your key fob antenna got damaged or worn out. You may need a replacement key if a new battery dies prematurely again.

Can I change the battery myself or do I need a shop?

You can definitely tackle this project at home yourself! Just follow our guide closely. Changing the battery is easy and will save you money over a shop visit.

How do I get the old battery out without damaging the key fob?

Use a wooden toothpick or plastic pry tool to gently lift and wiggle the battery free from its slot. Don’t use metal tools as these can puncture the battery or electronics.

Are there any troubleshooting tips for a blank key fob screen?

  • Check battery orientation is correct (positive side up)
  • Ensure the battery clip is secured tightly
  • Clean the battery contact points with alcohol
  • Try pressing buttons repeatedly to wake up fob
  • Attempt a battery reset by removing and reinstalling

Hopefully a new battery does the trick and gets your key fob working again! Let us know if you have any other Audi key questions.


There you have it — everything you need to know to change the battery in your Audi smart key fob. The secret is taking your time and having the right tools on hand. Follow each step closely in our guide to safely open the key, remove the old battery, insert a new CR2032 replacement, and snap everything back together.

With some care and patience, you can avoid the dealership labor fees and refresh your key fob on your own. Just be gentle so you don’t break those fragile internal parts. Alright, you’re ready to go! Feel free to reach out if you run into any issues or have additional questions down the road. Here’s to many more years of beeping and unlocking with your Audi key!

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