How to Renew an Expired Driver’s License in New Jersey

Driving with an expired driver’s license is not only illegal but also poses a risk to yourself and others on the road. It’s important to be aware of when your driver’s license expires and take the necessary steps to renew it promptly.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of renewing an expired driver’s license in New Jersey, including the required documents, fees, and different renewal options available.

Eligibility for Renewal

In New Jersey, a standard driver’s license is valid for a period of four years for most individuals. However, the validity period may differ depending on your age or specific circumstances. Generally, you are eligible to renew your driver’s license up to six months before its expiration date.

To be eligible for renewal, you must meet certain criteria:

  • Your license must be expired or expiring within the next six months.
  • Your driving privileges must not be suspended or revoked.
  • You must have a valid Social Security number or proof of ineligibility.

Exceptions apply for military personnel and out-of-state residents. Military personnel can request an extension of their New Jersey driver’s license while serving out of state. Out-of-state residents who hold a New Jersey driver’s license can renew it by mail if they meet certain requirements.

There are also temporary extensions available for certain situations, such as being temporarily out of the state or country. However, these extensions are subject to specific conditions and should not be relied upon as a long-term solution.

Renewal Options

When it comes to renewing your expired driver’s license in New Jersey, you have several options available:

  1. In-person renewal: You can visit any New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office to renew your license in person. This option allows you to complete the renewal process quickly and receive your new license immediately.
  2. Online renewal: If you are eligible, you can renew your driver’s license online through the official MVC website. This option is convenient and saves you time by avoiding a trip to the MVC office.
  3. Mail-in renewal: Certain individuals, such as out-of-state residents or those with specific circumstances, may be eligible for a mail-in renewal. This option allows you to renew your license by sending in the required documents and payment by mail.
  4. Appointment-based renewal: In some cases, such as for individuals with medical conditions, the MVC offers appointment-based renewal to ensure personalized assistance and accommodate specific needs.

Required Documents

To renew an expired driver’s license in New Jersey, you will need to gather the following documents:

  1. Proof of identification: You must provide original or certified copies of documents establishing your identity, such as a birth certificate, passport, or immigration card.
  2. Proof of New Jersey residency: You need to provide two proofs of residency, which can include a utility bill, lease agreement, or bank statement in your name.
  3. Social Security number or proof of ineligibility: You must provide your Social Security number or specific documentation proving that you are ineligible for one.
  4. Current driver’s license or other identification documents: Bring your current driver’s license if it has not been lost or stolen. If you don’t have your current license, you will need other forms of primary identification such as an unexpired passport or a certified copy of your birth certificate.

Make sure to check the MVC website for any additional requirements related to your specific situation.

Renewal Process

Now that you have gathered all the necessary documents, let’s walk through the step-by-step process of renewing an expired driver’s license in New Jersey:

  1. Complete the renewal application form: Whether you choose to renew in person, online, or by mail, you will need to fill out the driver’s license renewal application form. Provide accurate and complete information to avoid any delays or issues.
  2. Pay the renewal fee: The fee for renewing a standard driver’s license in New Jersey is $24, as of the time of writing. Accepted payment methods include cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card. Fees may vary for certain endorsements or specialized licenses.
  3. Schedule an appointment (if required): If you are opting for an appointment-based renewal process, make sure to schedule your appointment in advance to secure a convenient time slot.

Online Renewal Process

Renewing your expired driver’s license online is a convenient option that saves you time and effort. Follow these steps to complete the online renewal process:

  1. Create an account on the MVC website: Visit the official MVC website and create an account if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to access the online renewal services.
  2. Provide personal information and verify identity: Fill in the required information accurately, such as your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number. Verify your identity by answering security questions or uploading required documents.
  3. Upload required documents electronically: Scan or take clear photos of your identification and residency documents. Upload them securely onto the MVC website as per their instructions.
  4. Pay the renewal fee securely online: Once your documents are verified, you will be prompted to pay the renewal fee using a secure online payment method. Follow the instructions provided on the website to complete the transaction successfully.

In-person Renewal Process

If you prefer to renew your expired driver’s license in person, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the nearest MVC office for renewal: Use the MVC website or call their customer service hotline to find the nearest MVC office for your in-person visit.
  2. Bring all required documents for verification: Make sure to have all necessary documents in their original or certified copy form when you visit the MVC office. Present them to the staff for verification.
  3. Complete the renewal application form in person: Obtain and fill out the driver’s license renewal application form at the MVC office. Double-check your information for accuracy before submitting it.
  4. Pay the renewal fee at the MVC office: When your application is processed, you will be asked to pay the renewal fee in person. Accepted payment methods include cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card.

Mail-in Renewal Process

If you are eligible for a mail-in renewal, follow these steps:

  1. Request a mail-in renewal application form: Contact the MVC by phone or email to request a mail-in driver’s license renewal application form. Provide your information accurately to ensure prompt delivery.
  2. Fill out the form accurately and completely: Carefully complete all sections of the mail-in application form, providing accurate information and verifying it before submission.
  3. Enclose all required documents and payment: Include copies of all necessary documents, such as identification, proof of residency, and your Social Security number or proof of ineligibility. Make sure to enclose your payment in the form of a check or money order made out to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
  4. Mail the application to the designated address: Once you have completed the application and gathered all necessary documents, mail them to the address provided on the application form. Consider using certified mail or another trackable method to ensure its safe delivery.

Processing Time and Delivery

The processing time for renewing an expired driver’s license in New Jersey can vary depending on several factors, including the volume of applications received by the MVC at any given time. However, it typically takes around seven to 10 business days for your renewed license to be processed and issued.

Once your new driver’s license is ready, it will be mailed to the address provided on your application form. It’s important to note that during the renewal process, your expired driver’s license is considered valid for 20 days from its expiration date. This temporary extension allows you to continue driving legally until your new license arrives.

To check the status of your renewal application, you can utilize the MVC website’s online services. Simply log into your account and track the progress of your application as it goes through the review and issuance process.

Additional Information and Resources

Here are some additional pieces of information and resources related to renewing an expired driver’s license in New Jersey:

  • Renewal requirements for senior drivers: If you are a senior driver aged 65 or older, additional requirements may apply when renewing your driver’s license. Visit the MVC website or contact their customer service for specific details.
  • Renewal options for individuals with medical conditions: The MVC offers special accommodations for individuals with medical conditions that may affect their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. These individuals may need to provide specific medical documentation during the renewal process.
  • Renewal procedures for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL): CDL holders have different renewal requirements compared to standard driver’s licenses. They are typically subject to additional tests, exams, and federal regulations. Contact the MVC or refer to their website for detailed information on renewing a CDL.

For detailed information on renewing an expired driver’s license in New Jersey and to access helpful resources, visit the official website of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission at

Renewing an expired driver’s license is a straightforward process as long as you gather all the necessary documents and follow the instructions provided by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Stay proactive and renew your driver’s license well before its expiration date to avoid any unnecessary complications or legal issues. Drive responsibly and enjoy safe travels on New Jersey roads!

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