How to Reset Your Honda Radio After Putting in a New Battery

Resetting your Honda radio after replacing the battery is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. Having a working radio in your vehicle is important for entertainment and accessing traffic reports. Follow this simple guide to get your Honda radio working again quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resetting the radio restores factory settings, including presets.
  • The reset process is done through a series of button presses on the radio.
  • Hondas have different radio reset procedures depending on the model year.
  • Most Hondas require holding the power/volume knob for 10+ seconds.
  • Newer Hondas use a combination of preset buttons instead. -Consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of the reset procedure.
  • Resetting before reconnecting the battery prevents further issues.

Having to replace your Honda’s battery for any reason can often cause issues with the car radio after it’s reinstalled. The radio may not turn on, display errors, or be stuck in demo mode. This happens because the radio’s memory gets scrambled when power is disconnected.

Fortunately, Hondas have a way to reset the radio built right in to fix any problems. The radio just needs a quick reset sequence to restore it to factory default settings.

Resetting the radio is an important step before reconnecting the new battery. This clears out any weird behavior from losing power and gives the radio a fresh start. Then it will be ready to work normally again when the battery is hooked up.

The exact button combination to reset a Honda radio depends on the model year:

  • Older Hondas – Hold the power/volume knob for 10+ seconds
  • Newer Hondas – Press and hold preset buttons, usually 1 and 6

Check your owner’s manual to be sure, since the reset procedure can vary.

I’ll go through the step-by-step process to reset your Honda radio after a battery swap. Follow along to get your tunes cranking again!

How to Reset a Honda Radio – By Model Year

The reset method depends on which generation of Honda you drive. Let’s go through the different ways to reset the most common Honda radios.

Resetting Older Model Hondas (2001 and Earlier)

If you have an older Honda from 2001 or earlier, the radio reset is very simple:

1. Make sure the new battery is disconnected. You want the radio completely unpowered while resetting it.

2. Locate the power/volume knob. It’s the main knob sticking out of the radio used to turn it on and control the volume.

3. Press and hold the knob for 10+ seconds. Hold it until the radio resets. It may take up to 15 seconds.

4. The radio will reset to factory default settings. This clears out anyissues from losing power.

5. Reconnect the new battery. Now the radio is ready for normal use again.

6. Turn on the radio and resample your presets. You’ll likely have to program your preset radio stations again.

And that’s it! The simple process of holding the volume knob resets older Honda radios when swapping the battery.

Resetting Newer Model Hondas (2002 to 2011)

Honda updated the radio reset procedure starting in 2002 for models up to 2011. Instead of holding a knob, you press a set of preset buttons:

1. Disconnect the newly installed battery. The radio must be completely powered off to do the reset.

2. Find preset buttons 1 and 6. You’ll press these together in a moment.

3. Press and hold buttons 1 and 6 at the same time. Hold for about 10-15 seconds until the radio resets.

4. The radio display will go blank when the reset is complete.

5. Reconnect the battery and turn the radio back on.

6. You’ll likely need to re-program any preset stations and customize settings.

The two preset buttons method is faster than holding the volume knob for 10+ seconds. But otherwise the process is the same – reset the head unit before powering it back on to restore normal operation.

Resetting the Latest Model Hondas (2012 and Newer)

On 2012+ models, Honda switched the radio reset procedure again:

1. Ensure the battery is disconnected before beginning the reset steps.

2. Locate the power button and preset buttons 1 and 6.

3. Press and hold the power button. Continue holding it.

4. While holding the power button, press preset 6.

5. Keep holding the power button and press preset 1.

6. Keep both buttons held until the display resets. Takes 10-15 seconds.

7. Turn the radio back on after reconnecting the battery.

This 3 button reset is the newest version for late model Hondas. The buttons must be pressed in the right 1-6-Power order without releasing.

Why Reset a Honda Radio?

You might be wondering why you need to reset your Honda radio after disconnecting the battery.

Here are some of the common issues that can occur:

  • Radio won’t turn on – Resetting restores power.
  • Stuck in demo mode – A reset exits demo mode.
  • Error messages – Resets may clear error codes.
  • Lost presets – Presets return to default stations.

When the battery is disconnected, the radio loses power suddenly. This can scramble its memory in unexpected ways. Resetting it gets the radio’s “brain” working properly again.

The reset also wipes any customized settings and presets. So be prepared to reprogram your favorite radio stations.

Think of it like restarting your smart phone if apps start freezing up. The reset clears out any software glitches so the radio can work normally again.

When Should You Reset the Radio?

The key point in the process is to reset the Honda radio before reconnecting the new battery after a swap.

Here are some good times to do a radio reset :

  • When replacing a dead or old battery
  • If the battery was disconnected for any reason
  • After a battery starts needing frequent jumps
  • Any electrical work where the battery was unplugged
  • If the radio acts up after a battery replacement

Resetting as a preventive measure before the battery is reconnected prevents further issues. Then the radio has a fresh start when it gets power again.

However, you can still try resetting even if you already have connected the battery. It may resolve problems the radio is experiencing.

Does Resetting the Radio Delete Presets?

When you reset the radio, it restores all settings back to their factory defaults. This includes deleting any preset radio stations you had programmed.

So after a reset, expect stations like AM950 and FM105.7 to be replaced with the Honda preset defaults.

Don’t worry, you can easily reprogram your favorite stations again after the reset. It just takes a minute to set your key presets like before.

Consider writing down your most-used presets if you want to quick reprogram them later. Or scan through stations to find your favorites again.

Unfortunately losing your presets is the cost of resetting the radio. But at least you’ll get your tunes back!

Honda Radio Reset – Step By Step Instructions

Here is a quick step-by-step summary for resetting your Honda radio after disconnecting the battery:

  1. Determine the reset procedure – Check your manual to find the right method for your Honda’s model year. Older cars, newer cars, and the newest cars all have different reset button combinations.
  2. Disconnect the battery – The radio must be powered off to do the reset procedure. Unhook the battery completely.
  3. Press the right buttons to reset – Hold volume knobs, preset buttons, or combinations based on your Honda’s age. Hold for 10-15 seconds.
  4. The radio will reset and display will go blank when finished.
  5. Reconnect the battery. The radio is now reset to default and ready for normal use.
  6. Turn on the radio and reprogram any custom presets and settings lost during reset.

That covers the entire radio reset process start to finish. Just locate the right reset buttons for your Honda, disconnect power, reset the radio, and reconnect the battery.

Radio Reset Troubleshooting

Having some trouble getting your Honda radio to reset properly? Here are solutions to common problems:

Radio won’t turn on after resetting – Ensure the battery is connected. Check fuses. Reset again if needed.

Reset doesn’t work – Try holding buttons longer. Disconnect battery completely before resetting. Double check you have the right button combination.

Settings reset but still has issues – An incomplete reset can leave issues. Make sure to hold buttons for a full 10+ seconds until radio blanks.

No sound – Check speaker connections didn’t come loose. Reset again if needed.

Still stuck in demo mode – Battery might have been connected before reset. Disconnect, reset again, then reconnect battery.

Display errors / lights flashing – Try the reset procedure again. May require dealer diagnosis if persists.

A proper reset should resolve most radio problems after a battery replacement. Contact a Honda dealer if issues continue even after successful reset.

Honda Radio Reset – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go over some common questions about resetting the radio in your Honda:

How long do I hold the Honda radio reset buttons?

Hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds. Hold until the radio completely resets with a blank screen.

Where is the reset button on my Honda radio?

There is no dedicated reset button. You must press certain buttons like the volume or presets. Consult your owner’s manual for the right combination.

What buttons reset a Honda CR-V radio?

CR-Vs 2002-2011 use presets 1 and 6. Newer models use 1, 6, and Power buttons held together.

Do I need a code to reset a Honda radio?

No, the reset sequences don’t require an unlock code, just holding certain buttons.

Will resetting delete my radio presets?

Unfortunately yes, all customized presets and settings will revert to factory default after a radio reset.

Why won’t my radio turn on after a battery change?

Try to reset the radio first before reconnecting battery. Or if already connected, disconnect and do a reset.

Do I have to take my Honda in to get the radio reset?

No, you can reset it yourself in just a couple minutes by following the steps in your owner’s manual.

Get Your Honda Radio Working Again!

That sums up how to successfully reset your Honda radio when the battery is disconnected or replaced.

The right reset process for your model should get sound pumping through your speakers again in no time. Just be patient holding the buttons for a full reset.

Resetting the radio before reconnecting the new battery prevents further issues and gives the radio’s computer a fresh start.

Now you can crank up the volume once again on your commute and enjoy some tunes in your Honda – radio reset accomplished!

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